Who We Are

Ceqaology is a cutting edge, results-oriented environmental planning firm that strives to find solutions from benign to the most complex issues.  Founded in 2019, our firm has thirty years of municipal government experience including planning and City Management, twelve years of experience in the construction industry, and six years in the environmental planning industry.  We strive to keep members of the community, state and local agencies, decision-makers, and private and/or public developers informed by preparing comprehensive but concise, as well as easy to understand reports that provide a meticulous and unbiased analysis of a project and its impacts on the community.

At Ceqaology, we understand that time and cost is of the essence for most development proposals. We strive to prepare accurate, detailed, but concise reports that are capable of withstanding legal challenges. When you select Ceqaology, you are securing a contract with a firm that is organized and responsive. We strive to keep our clients informed every step of way with the CEQA process by utilizing identifiable milestones, weekly progress reports, and records of compliance of State and local laws. Our firm has over thirty years of combined knowledge pertaining to the planning industry, contruction and development, environmental planning, Southern California geography, and real estate. The experience our firm possesses allows us to identify potential issues early on in the planning process. In addition, we prepare all of the analyses for Air Quality, Greenhouse Gas, Diesel Particulate/Health Risk Assessment, and Noise in-house.

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